This paper should be approximately seven double-spaced, typed pages; it is an APA-style (6thed.) critical review of the scientific social work literature on the topic of your choice. You should consider a structure consisting of a clear statement of the issue; a critical review of the available literature (noting strengths and limitations of research methodology); conclusions about what is known from the convergent findings, and what is still not conclusively known; and recommendations for future research. It must include a work-cited page, using APA style with AT LEAST five outside sources (excluding Wikipedia.) You should NOT cite the text verbatim. This will result in an automatic failure of the assignment. The research project should be a combination of cited, paraphrased and the students own work. (The work cited and cover page are not included in the seven pages.) Assignments submitted less than the required seven pages (excluding cover and work cited pages) will be reduced by 10 points/missing page. There will be NO late submissions. YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS ASSIGNMENT IN ORDER TO PASS THE COURSE.

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