For this assignment 
Select a topic that is important, in some way, to social work practice.. my topic is Aging out of Foster Care
Identify at least one database (that includes peer-reviewed journal articles) to search
Select key words for your search
Conduct the literature search. Scroll through the hits and select three data-
based articles
Summarize the five articles using this table format.

Also in the previous submissions the professor stated to enhance the sample information with the inclusion criteria, numbers, and be clear of the measure, e.g., survey. She’s also sent me two follow up emails regarding the sample section. could you please include these things, especially the sample numbers into the sample section.

The attached table format has the instructions as well as the powerpoint pages 8-26 in the powerpoint it explains the assignment thoroughly and also includes examples in the last few slides.

In all this is a 12 article assignment I have submitted 7 which I will include in an attachment so that you do not do the same article choices.