Bring a rough draft of the following on March 16:  Microsoft Word, Times New Roman or Arial Font.
(The final draft will be 2.5-four pages double-spaced due on March 23.)

Critical Media Literacy Project:  The purpose of Critical Media Literacy is to understand all forms of media and the institutions of power that shape and inform media and its various representations. By analyzing, exploring, examining, and questioning (1) the construction of media, (2) the purpose of the media, and (3) the consumption of media, one has the ability to comprehend the complexities and power dynamics associated with newspapers, billboards, books, magazines, radio, podcasts, social media, products and packaging, etc.

Also, Critical Media Literacy provides strategies for becoming an informed consumer of media and its representations. Through questioning and challenging power, one has agency in the tradition of social justice with the goal to improve our society. And as a teacher, you will continue in this tradition by sharing knowledge with your students about Critical Media Literacy, as well as enhancing their comprehension skills.

Next Steps: Please read the attached Critical Media Literacy handout on Blackboard. Your responsibility for this assignment is to (1) read, (2) analyze, and (3) apply the six questions below from Critical Media Literacy to a childrens picture book of your choice (e.g. a book from your personal collection or a virtual reading from YouTube). To help you with your selection and to provide insights into the diversity of childrens picture books, please review the booklists from Social Justice Books:

Critical Media Literacy Questions from the Handout
1. Who created this childrens picture book?
2. How was this childrens picture book constructed, delivered, and accessed?
3. How can this book be understood differently?
4. What values, points of view, and ideologies are represented or missing from this book or influenced by the medium?
5. Why was this childrens picture book created and/or shared?
6. Whom does this book advantage and/or disadvantage?