You are to find an article published in any newspaper, magazine, or credible online resource in the last two months regarding the balance of power between the state and Federal government. The article can discuss any issue (budgets, security, etc.) but it must include coverage of how the US Federal and state governments interact, or share power–and remember that sharing power can lead to either cooperation or conflict. Points will be awarded for this activity as follows:

You are to write a 350-word essay on the article. Your essay must include a summary of what the article says (in your own words), and answer these questions:

Is this an example of cooperative Federalism, or conflicting Federalism? Explain your answer.

Which of the five Federalism powers involved here (express, implied, etc.)? Explain your answer.

Are any kinds of grants involved? If so, what kind, and how much?

Is there a clear “winner” here– the states, the Federal government, neither, or both? Explain.

Points will be awarded for this activity as follows:

The essay concludes with a list of references (no points will be awarded if this condition is not met) and is submitted as a PDF (preferred) or Word document.
The essay is at least 350 words and demonstrates the proper use of paragraphs (no points will be awarded for this activity if these conditions are not met);
Your essay includes a summary of the article (0-2 points);
Your essay addresses each of the 4 questions above, with strong justification (0-8 points).