Analysis of Findings Related to Your Research Question and Hypothesis

Using the knowledge you gained from your Annotated Bibliography, evaluate your own research question and hypothesis. Requirements:

1. Introduction: Introduce your research project. Identify your research question, identify your hypothesis, and identify your main variables. Explain why you are researching this topic.

2. Literature Review: Present a Literature Review in which you briefly explain the existing knowledge in your particular research area. This means you should summarize your annotated bibliography in order to let your audience know the current state of research in your particular area of study. This includes a summary of the basic findings and conclusions of your authors. You should not go through everything for every study. It is not necessary to explain the methods, for example. Summarize the main findings.

3. Analysis: Offer your own analysis of your findings using at least 1 Theory or 1 Major Concept from either of our texts (Calavita or Deflem). Your analysis should describe the basic tenets of the theoretical framework or major concept you have chosen as well as a discussion of why this theoretical framework/theory best explains your findings related to your research question.

Evaluate the key research findings from your annotated bibliography. Do they support your hypothesis? Explain why or why not. What is the answer to your own Research Question?

4. Your paper must be in APA format with all sources cited. Your paper should be around 6 pages, double-spaced, 11 point font. Page count is for the body of the assignment, not including the title page or references.

Sample Outline:

Research Question
Identify Independent variables and Dependent variables
Why are you researching this topic?
Literature Review: Key findings of research from your annotated bibliography. It should be a summary of what you learned from your annotated bibliography. You should not copy and paste your annotated bibliography. I’m looking for more of a synthesis on the research findings that relate to your research question.
Analysis: Using at least 1 theory or 1 concept from our text, explain your results.
Answer your research question- was your hypothesis correct?
Conclusion- wrap it all up
General requirements:

Submissions should be typed, double-spaced, 1″ margins, times new roman 12 pt font, and saved as .doc, .docx, .pdf.
Use APA format for citations and references
View the grading rubric so you understand how you will be assessed on this Assignment.
Disclaimer- Originality of attachments will be verified by Turnitin. Both you and your instructor will receive the results.
This course has “Resubmission” status enabled to help you if you realized you submitted an incorrect or blank file, or if you need to submit multiple documents as part of your Assignment. Resubmission of an Assignment after it is grades, to attempt a better grade, is not permitted.

**Please see attachment for research information and please create a hypothsis and etc.