You have to complete this prompt and I will give you the sources to use/look up

[2 x 4 points each; approximate one-paragraph answers]

i) What was Tylors intellectual and political project in his introductory essay, Primitive Culture?

ii) Introduce Margaret Meads work on Samoa. What kind of culture concept does she invoke, what are its terms, and what are its limits?

[2 x 7 points each; approximate two-paragraph answers; choose 2 of the following 3 questions]

i) What is the anthropological concept of the fetish, and how does it relate to exchange? In your response, give examples from at least two authors to compare and contrast exchange across societies.

ii) What is the concept of misrecognition and how does it play out in gift-giving? In your answer, please make specific reference to how this concept played out in the film, Ongkas Big Moka, alongside any other authors on the gift we have read.

iii) From Reference Readings and Lectures: In what ways do any of the cognate terms for culture that have been introduced by Raymond Williams and others in our reference readings speak to overlaps in the historical dynamics of sorting humanity?