Make sure you review related chapters before answering below questions.  According to the course syllabus, answers in the homework should demonstrate that the student has read carefully and critically in the relevant field. Answers should be thoroughly supported by evidence, examples and observations.

For each question (except question 1), write a thorough and well-reasoned response. Support your response by citing the textbook or Internet research. For Question 1, you may complete the schematic model in Word using its drawing tools, or draw the model on paper, scan a copy, and insert it into the Word document.

1. Draw a schematic model of the three phases of the public policymaking process.

2. Discuss the formulation phase of policymaking.

3. Discuss the implementation phase of policymaking.

4. Discuss the three traditional core roles or functions of courts in the United States constitutional scheme of government.

5. What are the concepts of separation of powers, judicial review, and institutional competence?