In this assignment, you will record and transcribe your conversation with at least 3 people and write a 3/5-page paper that reflects on concepts learned in the course thus far. More specifically, you will audio-tape, record, and transcribe conversations with a friend, significant other, family member, coworker, etc. Make sure to ask the people you interview for their permission to record the conversation for the class. Considering the length of time it takes to transcribe, you should only transcribe five to ten minutes of each of the conversations you record. Projects will be graded on originality, completeness, and integration of concepts introduced in the course. This assignment should help you understand the intricate dynamics involved in everyday conversations.

Considerations for a successful paper:

Arrange a meeting with the other people and make sure to explain that this paper is for a class assignment. The outcome of the conversation, in this instance your paper, will not be published. This is important to share out-loud for ethical reasons.
You will need an audio recording device. The conversation might take place online. If you use tools provided by USF (e.g., Microsoft Teams), you should be able to record the conversation without a problem.
Steps for successful completion of the assignment:

After the conversations that you have carefully recorded, thank the people and make sure to ask if they would like to receive a copy of your paper. Then,

Transcribe, write down word for word, part if not all of the conversations.
Read the transcript once; the initial reading should give you an indication of main themes.
During a second reading; highlight the passage that reflect the main themes
In a final reading of the transcript, you should be able to connect certain themes and draw (perhaps) broader themes that will become the main points of your essay

In three to five pages (bibliography and title page not included), write about;

what happened in the conversation as evidenced in the transcript and your own experience,
how do conversations illustrates topics and concepts discussed in the course.
You are required to cite at least three references from peer-reviewed sources (academic journal articles, books, book chapters, etc.)

Be creative in the transcription of the conversation, that is in writing the final polished version of the essay.

Do not submit the transcripts and the recordings. Submit the essay, only.