Write at least two pages of each of question.

1.      Choose one nursing theory and describe how it is related to :
A  Practice
B. Education
C. Research
2. As a new nurse administrator describe how you will integrate these eight American Nursing Association Code of Ethics:
                A. Professional Quality of practice
                B. Professional Education
                C. Professional practice evaluation
                D. Collaboration
                E. Ethics
                F. Professional Research
                Professional Resource Utilization
                H. Leadership
3. Marjorie has worked in a facility for 15yrs and promoted to Director of Nursing. She has to develop a committee but the nursing leaders do not like the idea and are against it.Explain which one of these tasks she should do first by prioritizing the task
                A.She is not respected by the staff and the nursing leaders are against her idea to implement the Research Program
                B.It was reported to her that a female staff was being sexually inappropriate by her words and her behavior
                C. She was appointed by the CEO to appoint a research council
Explain the kind of leadership styles, Marjorie needs in this situation.