After reading chapter 5 answer the following questions in your
Discussion Question #1.  What words would you use to describe the positive and negative dimensions of your organizations culture, or an organization with which you are familiar?  How can you explain the negative aspects of that organizational culture? Why have those dimensions developed in that way? What factors are causing, supporting, or reinforcing those dimensions?

Use the book i in upload and chapter to answer the questions in the discussion, Cite references.

M1.3 Tattoos in Culture (Week 3)
This activity invites you to think critically about modern culture utilizing a mainstream featuretattoos. The assignment must be completed in two steps as presented below. You must post an initial response to the first part of the assignment before commenting on a post from someone else.

STEP 1: Respond to the following prompt in a post between 200 and 400 words:

Search online, perhaps using Google images, for two public figures (athletes, celebrities, etc.) who are visibly tattooed. Addressing the questions and issues raised by your readings, explain what culturally relevant symbolic meanings those individuals tattoos might have. In what cultural context do these persons operate?

For example, how might their tattoos signify differently in the NFL vs. in the high fashion world? In mixed martial arts vs. hip hop? What do those specific tattoo styles say about ones countercultural or subcultural identity? Are they connected to any biographical and ethnic origins or contexts? How controversialor entirely acceptableare they? To help your colleagues write up their responses, be sure to paste your images directly into the thread with your first post.

This weeks assignment is STEP 2 Project Purpose Statement, Background & Significance and PICOt Formatted Clinical Project Question.

The student will answer the items below in a Word doc and submit to the assignment link.

Provide a title that conveys or describes the assignment.
Project Purpose Statement Provide a declarative sentence or two which summarizes the specific topic and goals of the project.
Background and Significance State the importance of the problem and emphasize what is innovative about your proposed project. Discuss the potential impact of your project on your anticipated results to the betterment of health and/or health outcomes.
PICOt formatted Clinical Project Questions Provide the Population, Intervention, Comparison, Expected Outcomes and timeframe for the proposed project.
References Cite references using APA 7th ed format.


Today, you learned that your organization has a significant change initiative planned within the next 6 months. The chief executive officer (CEO) has asked you, the human resources (HR) director, to lead this change initiative. You will need to motivate your supervisors as they work directly with the employees; their role in this change will be critical. For this assignment, you will start by doing some self-analysis to prepare yourself to take on heading up the change initiative.

First, begin your paper by briefly describing the change that will take place at your organization. Then, browse the Internet to find one of the many leadership style quizzes that are available. Take the assessment to learn more about your personal leadership style. Consider a traditional leadership style test such as Whats Your Leadership Style?. An assessment that gives a more nontraditional leadership style assessment is The Leadership Legacy Assessment: Identifying Your Instinctive Leadership Style. However, feel free to find your own. Ensure that the assessment provides enough analysis for you to be able to determine your own style.

Once you have taken a leadership style assessment, you will then write a reflection paper that includes the elements listed below.

Compare and contrast your two top leadership styles. Did your results surprise you? Why, or why not?
Evaluate how your leadership style could impact employee motivation and the change initiative.
Select two supervisors from those portrayed in the unit lesson to join your change initiative team, and explain why you would choose them. What roles are they best suited to play in the change process, and how will you mentor them to utilize their strengths and improve on their weaknesses?
Provide an analysis of the motivational theories that could play a role in successfully leading employees through the change initiative.
Identify areas where you think you can improve on your own leadership skills to ensure this change initiative is a success.
Your reflection paper should be a minimum of three pages in length. Your writing should reflect an in-depth consideration and personalization of the concepts presented in this unit, and your interpretations should be insightful and supported.

Any sources must be properly cited. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment. APA formatting.

Case Study: Frederick is a student at Central Fictional State University (CFSU), and he has a great idea for a new business invention. Frederick’s invention and the business that he plans to found based on it will absolutely revolutionize the market and will make him very rich. He decides to share his idea with a few trusted professors, and he even uses the idea in a research project for one of his classes.

While Frederick is at home over summer break, he discovers, much to his dismay, that his professors have stolen his idea and have opened a business marketing his new invention. Frederick immediately seeks the advice of the local lawyer who has a reputation for being a “scorched-earth” litigator. He advises Frederick that he should sue those professors for everything they’ve got.” Frederick, however, is not sure if he should file an aggressive lawsuit, or if there is a better way to proceed. 

Frederick knows that your business recently completed mediation to settle a lawsuit filed by one of your suppliers. He comes to you for advice on how to proceed. What is your answer to Frederick? In your response, consider whether the decision to file suit or to proceed through some form of alternative dispute resolution is affected by the previous relationship with the professors (can/should you sue a friend, how will the decision impact an ongoing relationship, etc.).  Also, what role could Fredericks faith play in his decision?

Refer to the Assignment Instructions folder of the course for general directions and grading rubrics for Discussion Boards, including requirements for word length, scholarly sources, and integration of a Biblical worldview.

Use the words “Lawsuit” or “ADR” (Alternative Dispute Resolution) in the subject line of your thread to reflect your conclusion. Do not use attachments, as these are cumbersome and inhibit the discussion process.

Based on the textbook chapter 7&8, you should be able to discuss how your business case-study enterprise chose its current business strategy. You can also elaborate if there is/has been any noticeable change strategy. You can also explain whether implementing the business strategy was a success or a failure, and why?
Textbook link:
Business info: A HOT POT restaurant in Shanghai, China


For this assignment, determine an effective process to evaluate the performance of one of your employees. As you have determined that periodic evaluations can be more beneficial than annual evaluations, you will be evaluating the mid-level manager who you hired and who has now been on board for 6 months. Your process should include an appropriate evaluation tool and a means of providing feedback on the employees performance issues.

There are three parts to this project. You will begin by developing a performance review form that contains a minimum of 10 points of criteria. This template ( I will upload and already completed for you) is a starting point and may be used as is or can be modified as you wish. The template has 10 points of criteria; however, you can add more if the specifics of the position warrant you doing so.

Provide an explanation for each of the criteria. Remember, these should directly represent the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) as well as the requirements for the position.
Develop a rating scale, and provide a legend that identifies the distinct performance rating definitions. There must be a minimum of three levels. (The template has three levels; however, you can add more.)
Next, you will fill out your newly created form to evaluate the mid-level manager. This is, of course, based on the input of the immediate supervisor and your own assessment.
Evaluate each criteria, and include a minimum of three criteria where the employee does not meet performance expectations.
Summarize the employee performance appraisal in the comments section.
Identify the employees strengths and weaknesses.
Offer feedback and coaching on ways that the employee can improve his or her performance.
Finally, you will write a one-page synopsis in which you explain the value of your evaluation process and new tool to your leadership team. Include the information below:
how the changes will benefit the organization,
how equal employment opportunity laws were considered, and
strategies that leaders can use to address unmet employee performance expectations.
Include two sources to support your explanation.
The template is only a guideline. You are encouraged to modify it as you wish, as long as it still meets all of the above listed requirements. Combine your completed template and the one-page synopsis into one document (.doc or .pdf) to upload it. Ensure that you include a title page. Adhere to APA Style when creating citations and references for this assignment.

From reading the AHNA website, as you hear terms “Holistic Care, Holism”, “Integrative Care”, “Functional Medicine”.  Answer these questions.
Which of these terms/words resonate with you? Explain.
Which of the terms/words would you like to learn more about? Explain.
Which of the terms/word make you uncomfortable?  Explain.
If you were to describe yourself now or as your practice develops, which terms would you like to use?  Explain.
Make sure to use at least 1 reference to support your statements.

Convergence – Divergence

The academic discussion on the effects of globalization has been dominated in the last decades by the controversy between the convergence and divergence thesis. However new developments on globalization theory put into question the fruitfulness of keeping on analysing this two thesis as an absolute dichotomy. As an example, Gupta and Wang (2003)* discuss two further possibilities (crossvergence and transvergence):

To bridge the differences between Convergence and Divergence schools, Ralston, Gustafson, Cheung, and Terpstra (1993) propose a middle ground using the term ‘crossvergence’ defined as a value set that was “in between” the values supported by the East and the West. Crossvergence suggests that the Asian organizations would develop a “hybrid” model blending the best elements of both their domestic and imported ideas (Abo, 1994).
While crossvergence offers a powerful perspective to integrate the twin forces of technological capability (associated with convergence) and cultural embeddedness (associated with divergence), it is not the only alternative. Sometimes the managers must integrate global models with their societal and organizational culture. In these situations, a distinct approach, that we term as ‘transvergence’, is needed. Transvergence may be defined as a formative change in the strategic modalities of an organization’s business through a creative reinterpretation and reapplication of indigenous culture and emergent market and technological opportunities (Gupta / Wang 2003: 69)

1. Discuss the extent to which a renewal of the divergence-convergence dispute becomes necessary against the backdrop of new developments on globalization theory (Globalization, McDonaldization, Glocalization, Grobalization).

2. On the basis of the result of the former discussion, examine the potential of alternative thesis like crossvergence and transvergence and what could be consequences for developing a new international management approach beyond the culture free culture bound opposition.

You don’t have to follow or answer these questions but it has to be along the line of cultural theories and comparing them.

Find a peer-reviewed research article on any topic concerning sports nutrition sports, then write a summary of the article.  Be sure to state the specific aims of the study as well as the study design and methods, the results and conclusions.

A peer-reviewed research study has these sections: introduction, methods, results with figures and tables, and a conclusion.  The sections may not be labeled with these exact words, but the paper is designed to report the results of a research study.

A research article is not a review article. A research article reports the results of a research study. You can tell the difference between a research article and a review article because a review article summarizes several research studies.