Business Plan (Part 1,2,3)

For this assignment, a completed business plan should created. Creating a business plan provides an opportunity for you to apply major concepts in the course to a real-world situation. The templates instructed down below will provide all the major elements of a business plan from start to finish

For this assignment, you will complete the first three parts of a five-parts business. You may use a business or non-profit organization of your choice, or you may prepare a business plan from an idea for a potential business.  Do not  apply the template to an existing business.


Please complete using the template that’s provided on the uploaded file below.  Each question provided includes instructions, hints, and space for answers. Delete the questions and hints after you have completed your answers. Most topic areas can be answered adequately in one or two paragraphs. The assignment should not require more than 11 pages.
Even though the template includes the information needed for developing the financial portion of the plan, you may alternatively develop this information using an EXCEL TEMPLATES that’s also uploaded down below.

External research should dereferenced. For instance, information regarding rental rates or wages should be referenced.  All external sources must be provided in a reference page using APA Style.