The paper is writing a research paper based on a movie  Ma Raineys Black Bottom 2020 new movie. It is for a literature cLASS
How were doing this
Choose one of the following questions and research it. Write up your response, documenting your
sources with both in-text citations and a Works Cited page.
1. Evaluate the text/movie from a critical approach, showing how at least three literary aspects
contribute to the value of the storytelling and why the story matters.
2. Blend your own academic/personal/career interests with your literary analysis. Are you majoring in
business management? Evaluate the business practices Ma Rainey faced. Going into nursing?
Research the qualities recognized by nursing organizations as ones that are important for nurses to
have, and then decide which character would make a good nurse. Interested in psychology? How do
characters in the play/movie exhibit important aspects of psychology? Going into music? How are
challenges musicians today face compared to those in the story? (If you choose question #2 as an
option, be sure to speak to me about your research question before you begin working on it.)
The Nitty Gritty
7-10 pages (not including a cover pageif you have oneor the Works Cited
Typed (double-spaced throughout), 12-point, Times New Roman font
Minimum of six sources (consider reference books, print books, journals, radio programs,
reputable magazines, edited internet-based sources)

If you choose number two I am majoring in Nursing and I would like you to write the paper in relation to Nursing.I have attached grading rubric that  the paper requires. You can write the research paper based on that.

The research paper should finally answer these question:
1)What do you now see as your essay’s purpose? How does this compare with original purpose?
2) What audience does your essay address?
3)What is your stance toward the topic?
4) What evidence supports your thesis ? Is the evidence sufficient?