Income and Wealth Inequality:

Does Capitalism Work for Everyone?


Purpose: Understanding the growing gap in income and wealth in the USA and other countries, its economic causes and effects.

Task:  Use assigned resources and find your own to answer questions about inequality, and prepare for discussion.

Criteria for success:  Follow directions, answer questions, and have a good discussion!


Directions: Watch three (3) assigned videos (approx. 1/2 hour) and answer the following questions:

TED talk: How Inequality Harms Societies
Time Magazine: A Look and Income Inequality in the U.S.
Crash Course Economics: Income and Wealth Inequality
(3 points) According to the videos, what is happening to inequality in the USA? Why is this an economic concern? Explain. (1-2 paragraphs)
(3 points) According to the videos, what are some of the social costs of inequality in America and other societies? (1-2 paragraphs)
(3 points) Find another source (article, video, website, documentary, blog, etc.) that addresses inequality in the U.S. or around the world.
Write a few sentences telling what it was about and your opinion of it.
List some of the facts that you found. There should be solid facts or specific and thought-provoking ideas presented, or you should find a different source. These could be facts that confirm or challenge those presented in the assigned videos. You may include your opinion.  (1-2 paragraphs)
[Possible bonus: If this subject is of interest, it might provide an opportunity for extra credit (see syllabus). A list of approved videos is in Canvas/modules/extra credit opportunities.  The documentary “Inequality for All” is on the list, and highly recommended.]
(1 point) Include the title and citation for the source above, and why you think the source is reputable. List the organization/source by name if not obvious from the URLs alone.
TED talk “How inequality harms societies”(Links to an external site)