A Beautiful Mind Assignment

This paper is to be based on the movie A Beautiful Mind.  The book was written by Sylvia Nasar and the movie was directed by Ron Howard in 2001 (30 points)

Include research the mental condition suffered by John Nash.  Describe the mental condition: History of the mental condition

Typical signs/symptoms
Typical Diagnostic tests and treatment
Describe characteristics of the condition exhibited by Mr. Nash utilizing Gordons 11 Functional Health Patterns.

APA paper format with title page and reference page (At least 5 references with no references older than 5 years).  Textbooks are NOT to be used as a reference source.  Minimum of three pages and maximum of five pages excluding the title and reference page. No abstract page.

A rubric (attached to assignment) will be used to grade your APA paper and will be provided for your review in Canvas.