Chapter 5: Making Good Management Decisions:
DESCRIBE two problem-solving decisions and two opportunistic decisions that you are likely to encounter in your unique program.

DESCRIBE how you would use the fishbone and pareto chart to make a specific decision that is related to your unique program.

Chapter 7: Managing Quality- Totally:
IDENTIFY and DESCRIBE the structural, process, and outcome indicators your unique program would use to conduct quality assessments.

DISCUSS the application of the two Key Determinants of Team Effectiveness to your unique program.

Chapter 8: Commercial and Social Marketing:
EXPLAIN how you would use the five Ps of Commercial Marketing for your unique program.

DISCUSS at least two things your team would do to ensure the success of social marketing initiatives for your unique program.

Chapter 9: Evaluating:
EXPLAIN how you would conduct a process evaluation based on your unique programs logic model.

IDENTIFY at least two primary data sources and two secondary data sources you would use to conduct your unique program evaluation.