Go to the Freakonomics website: (Links to an external site.)
Find an episode of interest.
Make sure that the topic you choose is related to Macroeconomics.  Most of the episodes are micro rather than macro, but there are still many to choose from such as;
Does anyone really know what Socialism is? (#408)
America’s hidden duopoly (the Democrats and Republicans) (#356)
Is economic growth the wrong goal? (#429)
The simple economics of saving the Amazon rainforest (#428)
Remembrance of economic crises past (#425)
How to prevent another Great Depression (#421)
so many more.  If you’re not sure if one is suitable for macro, send me the title and description to request approval
Listen (this is an audio podcast)
Write your analysis. Include the following in your paper:
Episode Title, with link
Why did you choose this topic?
What was this episode about (brief overview)?
What was something of significance from the episode?
What concepts from this class (micro or macro) relate to the episode? Explain with examples from the episode.
Write a 2-page typewritten double-spaced paper (about 1,000 words) describing how the episode topic relates to the subject of Macroeconomics.
Find another source (article, podcast, website) about this same topic
Include the title, source, and link
How does this source compare with what was said about the topic in Freakonomics? Are there any areas of agreement or disagreement?
Grading: see syllabus for details about format, points, due dates, etc.