You are to assume the role of a manager in the sport industry. You get to pick said role but must write-up 1-2 paragraphs explaining and justifying your choice. You then must come up with 5 separate risks and go through the risk assessment process with each of them. This includes:
– Developing a likelihood and impact matrix
– Assessing the likelihood and impact of each risk
– Determining your best strategy to cope with said risk (elimination, reduction, transfer, etc.)
– Creating policies and plans to carry out your risk coping strategy
– Summarizing your policies into one coherent plan
– Presenting this plan to your employees (your classmates).

You are to turn in a written report that includes your description and justification of your role (1 page max), you likelihood and impact matrix, a thorough description of each of your 5 risks, your assessment of each risk on your matrix, your strategies for coping with each risk, your policies to carry out the strategy for each risk, and your overall risk management plan.