Topic: Incompetence in the ICU Setting

Disciplinary Actions and Reinstatement:
Pursuant to Business and Professions Code Section 2750 (Links to an external site.), the Board of Registered Nursing has authority to discipline a registered nursing license for violation of the Nursing Practice Act. The disciplinary penalty is determined based on a number of factors including but not limited to: severity and recency of offense, rehabilitation evidence, current ability to practice safely, mitigating factors, and past disciplinary history.” (BRN webpage)

Write 5 pages using the APA format for health care professionals.  The title page and reference list are not included in the maximal number of pages.  The APA format is a guideline  for scholarly  written documents and is the format you will be using  as you continue your education in healthcare. Include the source you used for the APA format in the reference list. Complete a reference list with at least five professional, researched based references in APA format.  Web sites such as Mayo clinic, WebMD etc.,  are not professional references for college papers.

Case Study that might help: