The purpose of this paper is to be an introspective look at yourself and your leadership styles.  As we have discussed in class, persons in leadership positions may have characteristics of a leader or characteristics of being a manager.  In your introspection, determine which description fits you the best.

When determining if you are a leader or a manager, you must provide examples from your life and experiences as to why you chose your choice.  Also, provide examples of your qualities, practices, and/or idiosyncrasies that helped you to make this decision. 

Then discuss what are the advantages (Pros) and disadvantages (Cons) of your choice.  From your life can you provide examples.  How has this choice assisted you in your life and how has this choice hindered you in your life? 

Looking into the future, how will you apply this to your future roles in respiratory therapy?  Include examples of how you will apply this as you first start in respiratory therapy.  Sorry, you most likely will not begin as a CEO or director of a department and will start as a staff therapist.  As you travel down your career path, do you see yourself staying with this model or do you feel you will adjust to another path or leadership style.  Why do you think you will stay or adjust to another style?  How will this change potentially benefit you in your career?

As a leader in the respiratory therapy field, what is your communication style?  Do you use one or do you swap between styles?  Provide examples of your communication style from your career, life, and/or experiences.  What are the advantages and disadvantages of this style of communication.  How has this benefited or hindered you in your life?  What changes may assist you in improving in your communicative style?