Spreadsheet assignment for photography portfolio website
*This is not an essay format is just a classwork ( spreadsheet format)assignment )
You are to do research in this assignment, you will research hosting packages, domain name registrars, and full-service portfolio providers.
Include a minimum of (4) each of the following:
    web hosts
    portfolio providers

1. Research: Hosts, Registrars, Portfolio Providers
You will research the various options provided by the selected companies youve identified.
Include in your research:
    user reviews
    quality of service
    customer support
    anything else you feel is important or relevant
2. Compile Your Research
Create a spreadsheet with the presentation of the various options. The information should be well structured and easy to read and understand

Ps* please for the portfolio provider include squarespace.com, wix.com and other 1 of your choice after you research. Please follow the directions above and create a spreadsheet in Word only DONT DO IN PDF. 2 pages
Below is an example please dont copy but use it as an example to guide you.