1. Develop two training lists, one for each video, with the lessons learned. Basically, what I mean about training lists, is just two bullet point lists where you present the most important lessons learned but in the form of questions. The more the better. So, lets say one of the lessons you learned is about color, then your question could be What If I change the color?. If your lesson was about the use of different materials, you could translate that into What if I use plastic? and so on. The important thing is to make it easy to apply

2. Think of an existing product or service you believe could be better, or something that doesnt exist, which you would like to develop. Now, using the questions you created for both lists, put those to the test, and see what you could come up with. The important thing here is not necessarily to come up with a great idea, but to exercise your creativity, and most importantly, present each step of your thinking process, so I know that you really did it, and you learn so much about your thinking process.