Review the Question Below and Formulate an Essay Response. This is not a research paper, feel free to google but please don’t include any citations and don’t include any quotations in the essay.

“Tired of being cooped up in his house during the pandemic, Rami decides to renovate his backyard into a fun-filled hang out area for his family to enjoy. Rami hires Saul, a licensed landscape contractor, to put in a pool, trampoline, BBQ area, and putting green. Saul is highly respected in the industry and because of his many years of experience in landscape design, also works as a direct retailer for several landscape manufactures, which allows him to pass along discounts to his customers. After agreeing upon price and terms, Saul gets to work on the project while Rami shops for fun accessories. After a few months of renovation, Ramis backyard oasis is complete and he is thrilled at the outcome. Rami decides to throw a backyard BBQ & pool party for his family and a few vaccinated friends in his quarantine bubble to celebrate complete with balloons, music, and decorations.
The party is a hit and Ramis friends and family are so excited to enjoy the new backyard. Soon, however, things start to go awry. . . after swimming, Ramis neighbor Shale eagerly jumps on the new trampoline but quickly loses his balance, slips and hits his head on one of the metal springs, injuring himself. As Rami attends to his neighbors injury, he does not see that one of the balloons has left the bunch and floated above the new propane grill where the helium from the balloon ignites and causes an explosion sending smoke and debris over the whole block. At the same time, Ramis son George who has never played golf before mistakes the putting green for a driving range and hits a shot right into another neighbors bedroom window. The glass shatters and injures Marge who was folding laundry. As Rami surveys the damage, he realizes that one of the trampoline springs was not properly attached, causing the trampoline to be slightly uneven. Dismayed at the destruction in front of him, Rami calls Saul to complain about the defective trampoline. Saul tells Rami the trampoline came fully installed from the manufacturer and that he should contact them with any issues. Identify all pertinent legal issues and discuss.”