-page limit: 5 pages (approximately 1 page per question, double space)


Building on the case study General Motors and The Chevy Cobalt Ignition Switch Crisis, what would be your recommendations to the CEO for an appropriate communication response (crisis communication)?

Using a company of your choice, how would you build up and implement a successful value proposition around reverse innovation, building on the article on Engineering Reverse Innovations. Which companies/industries could be more suitable for reverse innovation and why?

Building on the article on Embracing Agile (Rigby et al., 2016, Harvard Business Review), please critically analyze the conditions that are favorable and unfavorable for agile. Also, please describe and analyze one recent industry examples, where a company successfully implemented an agile approach.

Please analyze some of the key synergies that Hyundai could try to materialize by acquiring Kia Motors, building on your reading of the case The Acquisition and Restructuring of Kia Motors by Hyundai Motors. Which cultural aspects need to be evaluated and carefully assessed when acquiring Kia?

5.  Please develop and analyze a Business Model canvas for one of the below examples:

-A new restaurant on campus (you can choose any restaurant you like)

-A company of your choice.