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Case Background

October 29, 2018 Indonesian Lion Air Flight 610 vanishes, later to be discovered to have crashed. No one onboard survived.
March 10, 2019 Ethiopian Airways flight ET302 crashes. No survivors.
Two seemingly unrelated events with a combined 346 people dead in no-survivor accidents. Was there a link? It was quickly determined that both incidents involved a Boeing 737 Max aircraft. Despite the two crashes, which gained global news status, Boeing continued to publicly defend that its planes were safe, refusing to recall the Boeing 737 Max aircraft immediately and launching an in-depth investigation.
In late March 2019, the New York Times revealed that after days of mounting pressure, the United States eventually grounded Boeings 737 Max aircraft, reversing an earlier decision in which American regulators said the planes could keep flying after the deadly crash in Ethiopia. A National Transportation Safety Board investigation later revealed that the aircrafts new MCAS software was a contributor in both crashes. Whistleblowers emerged to allege the company cut corners to reduce costs and speed production while not documenting safety faults. Boeing continued to lose orders from airliners and its stock price and revenue dropped precipitously throughout the year (NY Times).

Your teams task is to write the press release from the perspective of Boeing. Each team member will assume one of the roles that are explained on the Team Roles Introduction sheet. Together you will write a one-page (single-spaced) press release that briefly explains what this recall means for the company, its stakeholders and the community at-large. Remember, your contribution to this press release should be 4-6 sentences focused on information from the perspective of your role.