Classroom Communication Plan

How you communicate with your students and their parents is essential for strong classroom management. Your word choice, tone of voice, body language, and much more impacts how students feel about you.  These also impact how parents will view you. How do you plan to create and maintain positive communication with your students?  With their parents?

You will develop a communication plan for your classroom for this assignment. Specifically, address the following questions in your paper:

1). How do you plan to communicate your behavior plan, your routines and procedures, and your expectations in such a way that students respond positively to you and feel valued and safe being in your classroom?

2). What is your plan for developing positive, productive, and appropriate relationships with your students? With their parents?

3). How will you address negative student behavior while maintaining positive and appropriate student relationships?

4). How do you plan to keep parents informed about your class?

You are required to cite a minimum of two resources to support your communication plan. This one to two page paper should be written in APA format with citations.