Write a 2-3 page analytic reflection that discusses and critiques key themes from the Testimony – art and practice module.

An analytic reflection should have the following elements:

A clear analytic argument –  Clearly identify the key overall theme or critique that you will discuss.

Citation of evidence from the materials in the modules – Provide evidence, examples or details from all the module materials. Include reference materials all the module materials (the two articles and two testimonies from Chasing the Harvest).

Strong conventions of writing – It should be well organized and be proofread for correct grammar and spelling.

Tips and recommendations:

– Review the groups discussions Collaborations for Weeks 7 and 8 to identify possible reflection questions or themes or to react to the discussions that took place in a different group.

– Write in the third person.

– Include titles and subheadings to organize your piece

– Get creative! Name your own theory, suggest new directions for research, journalism, or film making, or weave in evidence from other sources.

– Write only 2-3 pages. Any writing beyond 3 pages will not be graded.

– You will be graded based on a reflection that Meets expectations (5-7pts), Exceeds expectations (8-10pts), or Below Expectations (0-4pts).


Week 7 materials and activities – Testimony – art and practice – Part 1

Scientific Literature:

Bernal et al – Chicana Latina Testimonios.pdfPreview the document

Chasing the Harvest:

The Ayala Family

Week 8 materials and activities – Testimony – art and practice – Part 2

Scientific Literature:

Ethical Ambiguities in Participatory Action Research With Unauthorized Migrants

Chasing the Harvest:

Harold McClarty

I have wrote my Analytical Reflection, it is called ” Analytic Reflection #3  on Testimony” I have provided a file under  but the problem is that my Professor told me that As she skim through my essay, she see that I broke my reflection between ‘modules’. Instead, I need think about an overall theme.

This is an example she gave me from a previous modules.

Theme/Argument: There is racism towards Latinos in the U.S. in various settings.

Sub-Theme #1: There is racism among healthcare professionals
-Specific example(s) from materials that shows racism among healthcare professionals.

Sub-Theme #2: There is racism in the workplace
-Specific example(s) from materials that shows racism in the workplace.

Sub-Theme #3: There is racism in schools
-Specific example(s) from materials that shows racism in schools.

Conclusion: One paragraph wrapping up your argument.