For this assignment, I want you to put on your creative thinking hat. Imagine that your are a movie producer or a screenwriter. A major Hollywood studio (or a streaming service like Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime) has approached you and given you the green light to write and produce either a historical movie or a historical television series. This isn’t going to be a documentary, but rather a movie or series. The only requirements are that the events in your movie/series or the person your movie/series is about has to have either lived or the event has to have taken place prior to 1990. It can be something from US History or World History.1. What event or person did you choose and why?
2. Will you be making a movie or a television/streaming series? Tell me what format you’ll choose but also tell me why you think it is better than the other format.
3. How will you go about conducting the research to ensure that your movie/series is accurate. You also have to make it entertaining, so how will you decide how much liberty you will take with the facts.
4. Where will you film it? Will it be shot on location or in another place that looks like the actual place where the events happened.