M1: Discussion: Personal Awareness
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After you have completed your assigned readings, respond to all of the discussion board questions. Take into consideration the requirements as you create your response.

Discussion Prompt
Sitting with people in their pain is difficult at best, but what about when their grief is similar to grief that we have experienced? How do we set aside and protect those tender parts of ourselves so that we can provide the support and comfort that the bereaved need?

Take some time to reflect on your experiences, and then write about who you need to be in order to comfort those coping with loss.

What challenges with grief and loss have you encountered in your life?
How have you managed these challenges?
What comforted you as you overcame your grief?
Have you been able to use your past experiences in working with the bereaved? If not, how might you use your experiences to help comfort the bereaved in the future?
As you answer this discussion, consider your results from the questionnaires you have completed. You are welcome to interweave those responses and results within this discussion post.

Respond to each discussion question/topic with a meaningful and thoughtful response.
Your initial post should have 250-500 words, and it is due by the posted due date.
Remember, you may assume a conversational style on the discussion boards. You can use first-person references, such as “I” and “my.” For example, your discussion responses can say, “What I found was…” and “In my experience, I learned that…” or “What I was left wondering was…”
For your initial post, be sure to support your dialogue by including a citation from a scholarly source.
Be sure to include a personal and/or professional experience in each discussion post.

Stillion, J. M. & Attig, T. (Eds.). (2014). Death, dying, and bereavement: Contemporary perspectives, institutions, and practices. New York, NY: Springer.
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