Based on the week 2 learning journal where you discussed the project planning and front-end issues of your setting, in Week 3 submission you are required to discuss the value issues related to the project(s) in your setting. In so doing please relate to your own experience, case study discussions, theory and conceptual contributions from the readings allocated as well as the industry and research contributions.

Here are some questions you can use to guide your thinking.

Describe one or more of value creation, delivery and capture issues that you want to address in your contribution (150 words)

Discuss the identified value issue differentiating between different members of the delivery team as well as other stakeholders that participate in the project. Also discuss the role of users and operators in the creation, delivery and capture of value.

What would be impact and implications of you addressing this problem in your setting. Please think of impact not only for you personally but more widely – the organisation, industry, society, economy. Also briefly touch upon what the project practitioners and organisational leadership strive to do to alleviate the front-end and planning problem you identified in your setting – based on your current learning (150 words).

Please pay particular attention on the integration of literature in your writing. To accomplish this, please indicate references and use citations as you will have learned in the academic writing courses – this is very important. As a rule of thumb, I’d expect around 5-10 in-text citations to relevant academic references in your Week 3 submissions.

As already discussed, while writing the weekly submission, you should ask yourselves: What does literature say about the nature of the problem and its implications. What can I do with these insights to address the problem and advance practice? Additionally, identify any tensions, dilemmas and controversies that remain. Reflective questions such as this will help you in your learning journey. The main goal is to show a focus on the analysis of the problem synthesising literature.

To help flow and continuity of your argument, you can include one or two introductory sentences as a short summary of conclusions from the previous assignment and as a starting point for the new assignment.

Will upload my first two journals so you know what to do.
Answer the questions. Keep the structure clean and similar. Add a graph/chart from online.
(Author, Year) please use in text citations.