I dont have all the reqired materials for this assignment if you could just do your best it would be greatly appreciated.

As Christians, we have a responsibility to view the world and its circumstances the way Jesus would. There is much in our society and the world as a whole that can sharpen our minds and our philosophies when it comes to this discipline. Applying the Gospel to what is happening around you is important in developing your biblical worldview.

Begin by finding a reputable article about a current event that has occurred in the past year that displays similarity and disparity with John’s Gospel, its narrations, themes or purpose. Read the article and consider how it connects to what we have been learning in John’s Gospel.

Then, in a 1- to 2-page, double-spaced reaction, complete the following:

Provide the link to your article.
Write a brief paragraph summary of the story in your own words.
Share how you think this article displays similarity or disparity with John’s Gospel.
Describe how this article fits or diverges from what we have been learning in the class.
Draw a biblical connection to your article. This can be in the form of specific Scripture in John, or 1 of its narrations, themes, or purpose.