In most organizations, the decision to sponsor an event comes from Boards, Committees, and/or combinations with upper management. The paid staff and volunteers execute the decisions of these entities and are interdependent upon mutual collaboration between both groups.  It is important that both groups maintain a unified vision of the event and respect each groups boundaries during the execution stages.

Research the ways Boards, staff, and volunteers might interact with each other and both positive and negative characteristics of these relationships.

Develop a chart depicting the levels of authority and intervention Boards, Committees, Management, staff, and volunteers must navigate through from commencement to completion. Include a 4-5 paragraph summary of your insights.

Scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided. 
Use of APA format is required.

Ultimately, a volunteer coordinator or manager strives to produce a successful event by making the best use of what is available to his or her organization. Mobilizing volunteers to assist existing staff is only one part of the equation. Planning where and when the event will take place, who will participate including staff, volunteers, and vendors, and providing positive, confident direction is the key to seeing the event successfully materialize.

Review Chapters 9-10 in the textbook by McKee & McKee, “The New Breed”

Choose a pseudo-event. Event choices can include the following options below:

Weekend Revival Meeting
Full-Day Seminar or Training Session
Summer Fund Raiser Full-Day
Ladies or Mens Retreat
Wedding at the Church

Develop a schedule to express how you would achieve a successful event using volunteers based on your choice from above. Be sure your plan has enough details to navigate the event from beginning to end.

Scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided. 
Use of APA format is required.

Preparing for a sponsored event so that it can be successfully executed is the primary focus for a volunteer coordinator.  Every aspect of the event and where volunteer versus paid staff would best fit and serve must be examined. Additionally, based on the level of participation, the number of participants, and skill sets, a projected time-line must be developed with an acceptable deviation.

Develop a pseudo-event for the organization of your choice and prepare a template on how you will mobilize volunteers and staff to complete the event. The following items must be included.

The event
The purpose
Dates and times
Responsibilities need for paid staff versus volunteers
Pre and onsite training and communication
Leadership strategy
Transportation if needed
Set up
Venders, if present or needed
Foodservice if offered
Clean up

Scholarly academic resources, textbooks, or other sources provided. 
Use of APA format is required.


Write a ten-page paper on the topic: A Contemporary Model for Christian Education In My Context. This model, derived from your personal ministry/educational context should be usable and doable. The model should be one that is relevant for the 21st century. At a minimum the paper should:

1.    Briefly describe your present ministry/educational context.

2.    See attached PowerPoint for ministry drawings to include in the paper.

3.    Provided is a previous paper that can be used to assist in this paper.

4.    Include a mission statement, goals, and SMART objectives of your Christian Education model. 

5.    Attached is a potential mission statement to can be used to assist in creating a mission statement.

6.    Include strategies, a comprehensive implementation process, and an evaluation process.

7.    Integrate some of the concepts, theories, models, etc. that you have been exposed to from the class discussions and/or the assigned readings from:
    Teaching Todays Teachers to Teach by Donald L. Griggs 
    The Church As Learning community by Norma Cook Everist

8.    Follow Turabians manual for writing papers.

9.    Have a flow that utilizes appropriate grammar, sentence structure, spelling and transition sentences.

10.    Utilize footnotes. AT LEAST 7 from the assigned readings, from:
    Teaching Todays Teachers to Teach by Donald L. Griggs
    The Church as a Learning Community by Norma Cook Everist

11.    Be double-spaced utilizing a 12pt. font.


1.    Charts, graphs, and other handouts may be used to enhance your educational model, however, there must be at least ten written pages.

2.    Do not write a paper that regurgitates information from the assigned readings or other books.

3.    Remember, THIS IS NOT A RESEARCH PAPER. You are to use concepts, theories, from class discussions and readings to SUPPORT your Christian Education Model. This requires that you do some examination of your present ministry situation, contemplate how Christian Education could/should be, and create a model that can be utilized in your context.

4.    Avoid using multiple lists or bullet points.

Annotated Bibliography (20 points): Six sources (at least 2 of 6 must be websites), correctly formatted, with insightful assessment and critique of the sources. Generally, an annotated bibliography is 6-8 sentences / 150-200 words in length. Students must be physically present in class to complete the next part of the project.


I have attached all required reading for the assignment. Please follow. Thank you!

Based on our course readings, define worldview in your own words.
1.How does worldview affect cultural, political, economic, and industrial aspects of society?
2.Why is it important to consider worldview when sharing the gospel with someone from a different cultural background than your own?

****Journal entry should total at least 450 words but no more than 750 (note that the questions themselves do not count towards your word count).
The assignment should be completed in Times New Roman, 12-point font, and double spaced.
DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!  You should submit your entry as a reflection of what you have learned, NOT a word for word copy of our readings or a compilation of citations from any source. DO NOT use dictionary or web definitions of worldview.
Support your thoughts/statements with the course material and the scriptures. Use Turabian style footnotes.****

The Concept of Love as Portrayed in Jonah, Ruth, and Song of Songs.

The Book that needs to be used as one of the sources is, “The Five Megilloth and Jonah” The Five Megilloth and Jonah, Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1969 (ISBN: 978-0-8276-0-0454) and 2008 reedition (978-0-8276-0890-0).

The paper must include a bibliography of at least eight non-class sources and must use MLA, APA, Chicago, or SBL formatting.

* Reflect on several things that strike you in the chapter.  You may want to include an insight or an observation on the part of the author that you find interesting, thought-provoking, challenging, resonating, convicting, or even annoying and distressing. You may comment on things with which you agree or disagree.
* Your reflections need not be long, but they need to be specific enough to show that you have given the chapter a good read. A comment that reads, I like the chapter. It is interesting, does not count.
* Please indicate page numbers