For each of the units of this course, you are asked to offer your analysis of the relationship of religion and media at stake by writing some component of a paper. Your paper component should be designed to offer a creative, thoughtful, and critical answer to the questions, what is the relationship of religion and media in this context? and why does it matter?

For this first paper, you are only writing the thesis statement. Your thesis statement should make an argument for the best way to understand or name the relationship between religion and media in this historical and geographical context. It should make an argument you should reasonably be able to support with 3 pieces of evidence in 3-5 pages.

These papers should draw on course texts. Write for an audience that has done the reading thoroughly and taken notes; do not summarize the reading.

Write in Times New Roman 12 pt font, 1 margins all around. Papers should be cited fully using The Chicago Manual of Style, 17th ed. The thinking must be rich and reflect serious engagement. Edit with care. You will be asked to bring drafts of different parts (e.g., outlines) to discussion sections.