the fake name I am using for this paper is Marlene
– divorced with one son
-domestic violence and infidelity
1.  Section A: Introduction: This is the first major section of your paper in which you introduce your paper’s focus or purpose and give a quick overview of the interviewee (~ .75 pages). Provide the following information:Opening sentence or two related to your topic or case that grabs the reader’s attention. It is highly recommended doing that with a prevalence statement that includes a relevant statistic from a direct or primary source (usually U.S. government one – like for a paper on immigrant families, how many such families enter the U.S. each year or for families with an incarcerated parent, how many prisoners have children, etc.).Describe the paper’s focus or purpose, indicating a person was interviewed as a case study (introduce him/her very briefly) and that the experiences of that person will be compared to recent research on the topic.Tell the reader about the remaining sections of the paper in the order they appear; that you provide an overview of the interviewee’s experiences related to the transition, discuss the research on that type of family transition, and related research findings to the experiences of your interviewee and his/her family).