1. a. What do we mean when we say the Civil War never ended?  [1 point]    b. What did the Reconstruction Plan demand of the Southerners? [2 points]    c.  Describe The Lost Cause. [2 points]2.  a. How does Jonathan Haidt describe the relationship between the rational mind and intuition?  [1 point]      b. How do liberals differ from conservatives in making moral judgments [2 points]      c. Would you describe yourself as liberal or conservative? [1 point]      d. Why do you describe yourself in this way?  [1 point]3. a. What does Lawrence LeShan mean by the mythic mind.[2 points]    b. How did each side use the Bible to defend its position on the issue of slavery?  [2 points]    c. What was Lincolns message to the American people in his Second Inaugural Address?                                                                                                                                                                                [1 point]Part TwoIt was the emergence of the Egalitarian HumanBond [Green] Level of consciousness that enabled the Second Great Awakening which eventually led to the Civil War.4. Describe What the Second Great Awakening was how if affected America and how it differed from the First Great Awakening.  [5 points]5. a. How did Harriet Beecher Stowes bestselling novel start the Civil War as Lincolns is said to have commented?  [2 points]    b. Name and give your impression of three of the characters in the novel.  [3 points]