Describe your relationship with the union and the labor movement. In what ways has it personally affected your life and your familys life?

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Being part of CSEA family helped me break ground in some toughest times.
– CSEA union helped me with a lot benefits and since the covid 19 started the worked to make sure that all members continued get paid and keeper our jobs.

–when the schools started to reopen, the CSEA union was there to keep members protected and safe .

— CSEA is committed to supporting me and my family with an array of money saving programs and services.

__ CSEA helped secure full funding for our public schools despite an economic downturn, helped determine how and when our schools would reopen safely, and we won historic layoff protections for classified staff.

— gave advice and guidance – CSEA TOLD US TO continue to remain vigilant and take all precautions to protect ourselves and our families.

This is the union that I participate (CSEA) and I am proud in being part of this family.