I would need some help with my work in marketing.
I need to answer these 4 questions:
1. What crisis (not Covid) affected your destination? What was the impact of the crisis on the destination/place/country you researched in a) direct and b) indirect terms?

2. Public perception about a destination of their choice is often a reflection of what information is distributed by the media. Do you agree with this statement in the context of your chosen example? To what extent do you think the media is responsible for peoples perceptions of travel related risk to your chosen example?

3. When can you say that a destination has fully recovered from the impact of a negative event? What can be done to speed the recovery? Explain your response in the context of chosen example with examples.

4. What suggestions can you make in terms of how marketing can be used in terms of place (re)branding and reassuring visitors/tourists that it is a safe place to travel i.e. alleviate international concerns to visit the country/destination?

I have started to work on the 2 first questions. However, if you could please improve the quality of the work it would be great.
Please you source for the questions. thank you

(It should not be more than 1 and a half A4 paper.