Answer the following two short essay questions. Please read them carefully and answer the complete question to the best of your ability. Please make sure that you understand the entire question and provide examples from your reading, lectures, and primary documents. The short essays are generally between 2-4 pages long for each one. These should be more detailed and in-depth than the weekly short essay assignments. You must include sources and site them within the essay with the page number, book, or primary document. However, you are allowed to use outside sources IF YOU USE WIKIPEDIA.COM, SPARKNOTE.COM, ENCYCLOPIA.COM, OR ANY DERIVATIVE SOURCE MENTIONED IN THE SYLLABUS, I will consider the essay not reliable. Thus you will not receive points for that essay. (25 points each)

All feminists are suffragists, but not all suffragists are feminists, stated a feminist in 1913.  How did the early 19th Century American feminist movement’s goals sometimes differ from those of the suffrage movement? Do you think that the sexual revolution of the early 20th Century was genuinely revolutionary? Please use specific examples to support your answer.