Joanne is a 75 year old widow who survives on her husband’s small pension. Joanne has become increasingly forgetful, and her family worries that she may have Alzheimer’s disease. No physician has diagnosed her, however, and no court has ruled on her competence.

One day while she is out shopping Joanne stops by a store that is having a sale on pianos and enters into a 15 year installment contract to buy a grand piano. When the piano arrives the next day, Joanne seems confused and repeatedly asks the delivery person why a piano is being delivered. Joanne claims that she does not recall buying a piano. Explain whether the contract is void, voidable, or valid. Can Joanne avoid her contractual obligation to buy the piano? If so, how?

As always, remember to be respectful of each other, and please provide legal reasons for your answers.

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