Answer the following questions, using APA-style.  Each answer should contain meaningful and intelligent responses gathered from your reading.  Using headings/subheadings.

Discussion Question #1.  Taking a step back to align this weeks readings with Chapter 7:  Over the last 2 weeks, you have been answering questions based on whether you identified back in Chapter 3 as a Coach and/or as an Interpreter.  Review Table 7.1 (Change Images and Communication Purpose) note the FOCUS of communication for both Coach and Interpreter images and determine if that still applies to you.  Now, consider the text indicates there is an issue of communicating to a level of getting buy-in (participation) to the change as opposed to a level of getting the word out (providing information) about a change.

Based on how you identified (as a Coach or as an Interpreter), are you more apt to focus on seeking buy-in or on getting the word out and why?

Discussion Question #2.  Think of an example where you or someone close to you faced a major, significant life-impacting change at work or at school.  Identify as many Reasons for Resistance (listed on pages 253 through page 260) that you can AS IT RELATES to the example you used.  Try to use all 14 Reasons for Resistance in your answer, but at a minimum, identify 3. For each of the reasons you identify, list at least one action that was or could have been taken by management to reduce the source of resistance. Table 8.4 and Table 8.5 list possible actions that could be taken.  You are welcome to think of some other possible actions that could be taken based on your own knowledge, experience or intuitions.
Use change in church organization – merging 2 conferences into 1 conference; 5 districts into 4 districts. Closing some churches with less than 20 members. This is the  scenario I dealing with now.