1. How did this week’s assigned readings challenge or affirm your thinking? What did you agree or disagree with and explain why? Did you learn anything new? Is there anything you are curious about? Provide evidence to support your points. We all read the assigned readings, so do not repeat them for us. Give us a fresh take by including your critical analysis and perspective. Your response must be detailed and show deep, reflective, and critical thinking. Surface comments and descriptions will not suffice. I encourage you to use current events, lived experiences, and artifacts (videos, images, etc.) to support your response. Use APA in-text citations to show where your information is coming from. It must be clear that you read/watched and understood the material and can use it to support your perspectives.

2. Using the relational leadership model element of inclusive, why would a leader need to pay attention to the ideas brought up in this week’s assigned readings? In other words, how would this week’s learning material influence a leader who seeks to be inclusive? You will need to reference/use the appropriate part of the relational leadership model (found in the Week 2 module or here) and use it to frame your response.

3. Write at least one (no more than two) discussion question that will engage classmates. The question (s) you ask should not yield “yes or no” responses, or pedestrian/simple answers. Design questions to provoke deep and diverse responses.