1) Choose one of the Primary or Secondary Source Readings we have read so far this quarter, and one of the Theoretical lenses we have discussed from the readings and in class.  Clearly identify both sources by title and/ or author name, and include clear page number citations when appropriate.  Write a paragraph introducing the theoretical lens you chose and why you believe it is an appropriate lens for viewing the historical moment you will introduce with your primary or secondary source reading.

2) What do you believe was the most effective strategy people used to combat the type of injustice described in this reading and why? Make sure you refer to specific passages from the reading.  Give plenty of contextual details of time and place (with appropriate page number citations to prove to me that you read the text closely and understand it deeply).  In other words: you must use specific historical evidence to support a main thesis statement claim.

3) Self-Reflection

What was your emotional reaction to the reading you chose?  Do you have a personal connection to any of the history you are reading about?  If so, explain.  What interested you most about these readings?  Don’t forget to include a connection with your theoretical lens as well!