Supporting evidence! Find reputable sources that back up your opinion. Paraphrase or quote them in your paper.Opposing views: Find reputable sources that DISAGREE with your opinion. Paraphrase or quote them in your paper. Explain why you disagree with them.Personal/anecdotal evidence (optional): If you have personal or anecdotal evidence, feel free to use it. But this is weaker than evidence from outside sources. Use personal or anecdotal evidence to BACK UP what your outside sources are saying. Personal or anecdotal evidence by itself is rarely strong enough to make a good argument.Sources: Use at least 5 sources for this paper. In addition to quoting and/or paraphrasing your sources within the paper, cite all sources on a Works Cited page using MLA format. Within the paper, use parenthetical citations. (The Works Cited page does NOT count toward your page count.)
Grading:Do you have a clear thesis? (5)Do you have supporting evidence? (5)Do you have opposing viewpoints? (5)Correct documentation/formatting (5)Spelling/grammar (5)