Discussion: Emotional Intelligence of TV Characters

For the Case Assignment you will be doing some serious reflection about your own leadership development and those you work with.  But for the discussion forum, try to have some fun.

Based on what youve read about emotional intelligence (EQ), try to diagnose some characters from your favorite TV show.  What aspects of EQ from the readings are these characters high or low in?  If you are not sure what show to use, I highly recommend the show Silicon Valley as the entire premise of the show revolves around a group of people with low EQ who are suddenly thrust into leadership of a multimillion dollar start-up company.  Big Bang Theory should also be a ripe target for your diagnosis. This first post should be within the first few days of the module. Be specific with respect to which component of EQ these characters are high or low in.

Also, make note of interactions in your everyday life.  If you experience any awkward situations with coworkers, friends, staff at a restaurant or store, etc., try to explain it in terms of the persons EQ.  Share your experience with a high or low EQ person sometime during the second week of the module.
Required Material
First, start out by reading the following resources that will introduce you to two popular tools used for self-awareness in leadership that you will read about for this module:

Reynolds, M. (2011). Understanding emotional intelligence. [Books24x7 version]. Available in the Online Library.

Peterson, C. (2011). The five attributes of emotional intelligence. [Books24x7 version]. Available in the t Online Library.

The resources above will give you a good general overview of emotional intelligence and the VIA Inventory of Strengths. For more detail about the VIA Inventory of Strengths, read the following book chapter:

Book Jacket    Kaufman, C., Silberman, J., & Sharpley, D. (2012). Chapter 17: Coaching for strengths using VIA. In Passmore, J. (Ed.). Psychometrics in coaching: Using psychological and psychometric tools for development (2nd Edition). London, GBR: Kogan Page Ltd. Note: Search for this book under ADDITIONAL LIBRARY RESOURCES > Skillsoft Books (BusinessPro and ITPro).
Now read Chapters 1 and 3 from the following book for a more detailed overview of emotional intelligence:

Book Jacket    Sterrett, E. A. (2000). Manager’s Pocket Guide to Emotional Intelligence: From Management to Leadership. Amherst, MA, USA: HRD Press. [EBSCO eBook Collection]
In the optional reading list below, there are two additional book chapters on VIA and emotional intelligence, as well as a book about the Strengths Finder which is an alternative to the VIA.

Optional Reading
Cantore, S., & Passmore, J. (2012). Chapter 15: How can people understand and build on their strengths? Top Business Psychology Models: 50 Transforming Ideas for Leaders, Consultants, and Coaches. London: Kogan Page. [eBook Business Collection]

Rath, T. (2007). Strengths Finder 2.0. New York: Gallup Press. [eBook Business Collection]