Your first writing assignment is to write a 4-page essay on the following topic: Outline the struggles and rewards of Job, Achilleus, and Odysseus in dealing with their gods.

To prove your assertions, refer directly to episodes in our assigned readings.  If you use outside sources, you must give them proper credit. (See the MLA Style Sheet.) You are not required to consult outside sources, but, if you do and fail to give proper credit, that’s plagiarism. If you plagiarize, you’ll receive a 0 for the assignment and will likely fail the course. SO DO NOT PLAGIARIZE!  Being sorry won’t be enough if you’re caught.

Moreover, since this is an English course, the quality of your writing is important too. You should write in complete sentences, make sure that all pronouns have clear references, spell all words correctly, and ensure that subjects and verbs agree.

Send me your essay as a Word attachment in 12 pt. Times Roman font; double-space your essay.