Go to www.promedmail.org (International Society for Infectious Diseases).This site posts real-time disease outbreak information from around the world.
You can visit the site to read the postings.
For the assignment, you will need to do the following:
Choose a posting dated January 1, 2021to present on a Human or Animal disease outbreak. Do not select articles on plant diseases.
Summarize the Pro-MED posting (also provide the title, archive #, and the URL in the reference list) AND
Add additional information on the specific disease from a different site(s) (you will include this source in the reference list with the exact URL) AND
Add additional information on environmental conditions (climate, socioeconomic, lack of oversight or regulations [for foodborne], political crisis, etc) that may have influenced disease transmission (you will include this source in the reference list with the exact URL). Environment is one of the components of the Epidemiology Triangle.
The reference list must be in APA format and you must also cite sources within the text (in APA format). You will have at least 3 sources in the reference list: 1) the ProMED article, 2) the source for disease information, and 3) the source for environment information. Each Pro-MED assignment must be at least 600 words. Points will be deducted if the summary is less than 600 words. This assignment must be in your own words. You may include important personal quotes (in quotation marks) from the ProMEDs or other sites, but only to add to your discussion. If a significant portion of your assignment (>12%) is quoted, points will be deducted accordingly.
Make sure to only use reputable sources such as .org .gov do not use any .com references or Wikipedia.

Helpful Tips:
Step 1: Review the instructions in the syllabus and view the rubric and sample ProMED paper. The rubric and sample ProMED paper can be found under “Modules” link, scroll down to “course documents” and you will find these papers.
Step 2: Then, go to the ProMED mail site (http://www.promedmail.org (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) The link can also be found under module 2 under “ProMED-mail Site.”
Step 3: From this site, select any article of your choice must be Jan 1 2021 or newer
Step 4: Proceed with your paper, and post to the discussion board under “ProMED 1.”
The important components of the ProMEDs are:
1) APA format- https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/560/01/
2) Discuss and describe the disease itself. For example, if the article discusses an outbreak of mumps in Johnson County, Texas-write a 1-2 paragraph summary about mumps (transmission, treatment options (if any), incubation period, etc).
3) Discuss the environment. The outbreak of mumps occurred in Johnson County. Discuss the population that was affected by this outbreak.
4) Word requirement is at least 600.
5) Summarize the article you selected.