What specific tasks was it your goal to accomplish this week?
-continued my go fund me fundraiser, posted on social media to raise awareness and money for the organization. Emailed the organization and communicated the plan

Describe how these tasks relate to doing social justice work for your specific organization.

Give a storytelling overview of what you experienced in your efforts to move forward with your work.

What was the worst thing that happened during your fieldwork this week?
– continuously having to share on social media was a struggle for me. The first day went great, my fundraiser was noticed and I made donations. But after that donation she have slowed down. I share the posts but am not receiving more donations

What was the best thing that happened during your fieldwork this week?
-At the begining, the gofundme account blew up. I wrote about the organization and what eaxactly I was raising money for. I reach my goal of over $100 in one day and really felt like I was making a difference

Finally, what were the 1-2 most important lessons that you learned this week about the nature of social justice and/or about what it takes to do social justice in a real world situation?

Evaluative Criteria:

Does the fieldwork report answer all five questions?
Are the answers substantive and interesting to read?
Does the report demonstrate a sincere engagement with what social justice means and with what it takes to DO social justice in a real world environment ?
Is the report presented in professional format and is the writing free of major problems in Standard American Grammar and Punctuation usage?