1. Write a positive essay about one of the key individuals of the Revolution: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Swamp Fox, Betsy Ross, etc. Here’s a list of many  of those for you to consider: (Links to an external site.) You must have three reliable sources (books or journals, no Wikipedia). Except for books, I expect you to use journals from the Delta data bases. (Links to an external site.)  If you need help doing this, see or email our librarian. Do not wait until the last minute to seek help.  Here are what should be covered in each of the five paragraphs:

a.First paragraph: Introduce your individual with a three-point thesis arguing something about that individual.  Do not list historical facts. I want you to argue something about this individual.

b. Second paragraph:  Topic sentence is built on first point of thesis sentence.  Quote a source, introducing it with a signal phrase and then explain why the quote is important and expand the argument of your point with examples, comparisons, etc.

c. Third and fourth paragraphs are built on second and third point of thesis sentence following guidelines of point b. above.

d. Final paragraph: Your conclusion, sum up your arguments about this individual. Include a great quote about this person if you wish.

2. A book analysis of Killing England: The Brutal Struggle for American Independence.  You will have to purchase this book, (Amazon, etc.) in either print or digital (Kindle) form. You will not regret the purchase. This will be the only source required. Your analysis should be outlined as follows:

Intro Paragraph: Hook, title of book, author. Thesis that states your argument about the value of the book. This does not have to be in three-points.

Paragraph 1: What you learned that surprise you. Include page numbers and appropriate quotes.

Paragraph 2: What individuals in our struggle for independence most impressed you?

Paragraph 3: What abuses of England or other factors caused our secession from England to happen?

Paragraph 4: How did America defeat England? Don’t just write about battles; tell me about tactics, diplomacy, luck, etc.

Conclusion: Would you recommend this book? Why? How does this book cause us to appreciate our great country?