Section 1- Discuss “Young Goodman Brown” and connect the story to our world today in 5 sentences or more.

Section 2- Young Goodman Brown- Answer the following questions in responses of at least three sentences long.
    Discuss what you think of Faith. How long have they been married? What could she symbolize?  Why does the narrator keep mentioning her pink ribbons?
    Did Goodman Brown know that he was meeting the Devil? Why does he keep the meeting?
    Is Goodman Brown victorious against temptation? Should we follow his model?
    Does the Devil force Brown into temptation? What is the goal of his temptation? 

Section 3- Young Goodman Brown-In an exploration of at least 200 words, discuss what Young Goodman Brown suggests about the nature of evil.  For example, why are we drawn to it? What can we gain from it? Can we escape it?  Can we isolate ourselves from it?  Should we try? Etc.