Identify an emerging public safety ethical trend or organizational ethical issue and present the issue in a PowerPoint presentation. Conduct research into your issue and incorporate the results of your research, including high-quality references, into your presentation.

The Ethical Issue Presentation shall cover all of the following topics:

-Presentation and discussion of academic and anecdotal resource materials
-Deconstruction of current public safety ethical issues related to your topic
-Discussion of the results of your research into public safety ethical issues related to your topic, including high-quality references
-Identification of acceptable and effective professional  public safety ethical principles related to your topic, including possible best practices

Include references on a separate slide, in proper APA format (7th edition)
This project is worth 100 points and is 20% of your final grade. The presentation should be 10 to 15 slides in length, excluding table of contents, graphics and tables, and references. Be sure to include references to support your presentation. In the following descending order of preference, information sources must be either peer-reviewed articles, government reports, or other sources approved by your instructor. Internet information sources from other than authoritative sources are discouraged. See the PowerPoint Project Rubric grading rubric for more information.