Please respond to these discussion questions after reading the article on the Indus Valley below:

1. What aspects of the Indus Valley civilization does the author focus on and why? What is his purpose and intended audience?

2. Comment on the inscriptions /script  of the Indus Valley civilization. Does the author think it was secular or religious?

3. Explain what Indian archaeologist, H.D.Sankalia means by the ‘unfailing uniformity’ of the Indus civilization.

4. How does the author critique Sir Mortimer Wheeler’s thesis that, ‘…a civilization such as that of the Indus cannot be visualized as a slow and patient growth. It’s victories, like its problems, must have been sudden sort…’?

5. Why does the author claim that, ‘ the Harappan culture area appears to have enjoyed peace as well as order’. Do you agree with the author that perhaps Harappans undervalued war? Give reasons for your answer.